A Haunting In Chico

   A Haunting In Chico

Note from Blair:

I have contact with Jodi Foster, but she has withheld some information about this case, as requested by the law enforcement agency investigating the disappearance of Marie Spannhake. I`m looking forward to the release of Ms. Foster`s book & hopefully after the investigation is complete Jodi might be at liberty to discuss more facts about this story.

After the legal case is over, I plan to follow up with Jodi to see if the ghost will finally be able to rest after the case is solved..


`Forgotten Burial` by Jodi Foster
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On July 30, 2010, Jodi Foster was a guest on The Blair Jett Show.

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In 2000 Jodi Foster and her three year old daughter moved into the Walnut Apartments on Parmac Road in Chico, California. Immediately after moving in Jodi began experiencing odd ocurrences. The Heaters would turn on by themselves while the air conditioner was running & Televisions would begin turning on by themselves.

At first Jodi suspected that there may be electrical wiring problems, but then her daughter began seeing a woman in the apartment. “She’d say to me, ‘Mommy, I like your friend,’” Foster said. Foster`s daughter then began describing the woman as wearing white & said that she would sometimes kiss her on the head before going to sleep. “I would say, ‘fancy imagination you have,’” Foster said.


Next Jodi had the electrical wiring in the apartment inspected, but everything checked out with no problems, but the odd ocurrences continued. Things then began to escalate when Jodi began having odd dreams. “I was having specific, detailed dreams where I was seeing someone being tortured,” she said. “I dreamed of a mountainous location where a girl was taken and buried.” When Jodi would awake from these dreams all the lights in the apartment would be flickering on and off. She began to think that she was going crazy, so she began having friends stay the night, but the ocurrences continued & her friends witnessed it first hand.  Finally it came to a head about one month after moving in when a terrified Jodi clutching her daughter were seen  fleeing the apartment at 3 a.m.as the lights were flickering on & off, the clocks in the home were spinning forward, and a toy doll was yelling "I Feel Great!"

 Foster then was moved to a different apartment in the same complex & tried to forget about these terrifying incidents. One day she began talking to a man that had lived in the apartment before her and he told her about Marie Elizabeth Spannhake. Spannhake, a Chico State student had lived in the same apartment in 1976 when she came up missing.


Newspaper article of the Marie Spannhake case



 In 1977, Cameron Hooker & his wife Janice, were charged with abducting a woman from Paradise, and keeping her as a sex slave for seven years. The circumstances were similar to the Spannhake case and the couple was allegedly connected to Spannhake’s disappearance. Hooker`s wife, Janice, has given specific accounts about the abduction of Marie Spannhake.

Another coincidence involves drawings made by Foster’s daughter. She would draw the woman she saw in the house.

Foster began researching the case and came across articles in the Chico Enterprise-Record. These articles included photographs of the couple and Spannhake, who Foster thought resembled her daughter’s drawings. Jodi was recently contacted by management at the apartment because tenants living in the apartment now are also experiencing ghostly activity. “The ghost is afraid that if she rests right now justice won’t be served, so she keeps trying to get someone’s attention,” Foster said. 

Manager of the apartment complex Jim McLaughlin has never witnessed any odd activity, but has been getting reports from other tenants that paranormal activity is occuring in other apartments as well. All of the people that have experienced paranormal incidents in that apartment do not know each other & most (if not all) had no knowledge of the Spannhake circumstances. “I moved this girl in there and never thought nothing about it,” McLaughlin said. “She called me that night, hysterical.” Odd occurrences have not been limited to that one apartment, either. Idalmis Herrera lives in the same complex and has experienced paranormal activities, as well. “I had my place blessed because I couldn’t sleep anymore,” Herrera said. “I would feel like someone was around me.” Herrera hasn’t seen any of the occurrences in Foster’s apartment, but has heard about it from other tenants.

In 2007, Foster went to the police and was able to provide them with information to the unsolved case. “They did believe me when I contacted them,” Foster said. “I had way too much information.” After going to the police with information, Foster decided to write about her experiences. She has written a book “The Perfect Miracle”  that is expected to be released in late January 2010, which will be around the time Spannhake went missing in 1976.


Cameron and Janice Hooker
In 1977, timber mill worker Cameron Hooker and his wife Janice (with their 8 month-old daughter in tow) picked up the then 20 year-old Colleen Stan (a.k.a ‘Carrol Smith’) when she was hitchhiking. They drove her to a remote area and, at knife point, bound her hands and feet and placed a strange wooden sensory deprivation box over her head that locked into place around her neck. They then casually drove to a local diner, where Stan sat in their car like that while the three members of the Hooker family ate lunch.


Captivity box


The Hookers kept Stan imprisoned as a ritualistic slave in their home, completely breaking her down and brainwashing her. Cameron Hooker, a fan of The Story Of O and sadomasochism culture, kept Stan locked away in a variety of small, home-constructed boxes and surreal, torture-like devices that were often hidden within the home itself. They would occasionally let her out to perform strange S&M rituals and weird, minuscule, repetitive tasks. Stan was informed that there was a national organization called “The Company” that was watching her, and would harm her family members if she did not follow their directions. Cameron and Janice had her sign a slavery “contract” they told her was from “The Company.” One of the compartments they kept her in was built under the bed that the Hookers slept in at night. She was held captive like that (mostly) for seven years, and was brainwashed to the point where they allowed her to leave for periods of time, and even hold down a part time job at a local hotel. But she always came back to the box.

 Over time, things got complicated; Stockholm syndrome, poorly-constructed dungeons, spousal jealousy, male ambition, desperate Bible-thumping, Janice’s two young daughters’ questions, and guilt… began to weave until the whole deranged scenario imploded. Stan gained enough mental clarity to escape in 1984. Cameron Hooker was eventually arrested, convicted and sentenced to several life terms for the kidnapping, and for the earlier murder of another woman in a similar, failed scenario (that of 18 year-old Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, a case that was never concretely proved but wrapped up for all intensive purposes due to Janice’s highly detailed confession), as well as the expressed intent to acquire more women like Stan. Janice Hooker escaped any conviction due to her help in getting Cameron caught and convicted, and her subsequent testimony. Stan obviously survived the weird ordeal, and is doing pretty OK today.


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Cameron Hooker

arrested & convicted of kidnapping Carol Smith & keeping her as a sex slave for seven years

Colleen Stan aka Carrol Smith


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