About Us And Our Mission

About Us And Our Mission

This site is dedicated towards providing better understanding of ghosts & paranormal happenings.
In the beginning we only reported true ghost stories, but if you take the time to study the information on this site you will find useful facts & information that will be beneficial to those of you experiencing paranormal phenomena.
Blair Jett has investigated paranormal reports in the past & is now interacting with fellow investigators to attack these situations head on. Including clearing & cleansing of affected areas.
The truth is that ghosts are everywhere.
More & more people are experiencing paranormal events on a regular basis.
Many people do not always understand why these incidents occur, nor how to deal with them effectively. The biggest problem today is not that ghosts exist, but more that most people are afraid of them because of ignorance. People are always afraid of things they don`t understand, and too often believe what they see on television and movies.
Our mission here is to provide education & resources for those affected & give them an avenue in which they can share their stories & get assistance.
Seeing ghosts & being haunted is not something to be ashamed of & often these victims have nowhere to turn for help.
It doesn`t necessarily mean that you`re crazy & we`re here to arm you with information that may help.
You are not alone!
Our goal is to educate believers & skeptics alike, because there is so much more out there than most people are aware of.
 We guarantee that the information on this site will make even the most skeptical people stop & think. 
The webmaster of this site has over 30 years of experience in the metaphysical teachings of Wicca & has done extensive research in the field of ghosts & demons. However, the practices used in researching & investigating paranormal phenomena are conducted in a true investigative manner & no religious or magical practices are employed.
These stories are the work of many hours of research & many of these photos have been examined by photographic experts to confirm their authenticity. However, we cannot guarantee that all photos on this site are real. We will study them & employ the process of elimination, as well as rely on your participation to help in determining some of them.
In February of 2010 Blair Jett founded the Paranormal Research Alliance. The PRA is a team of local investigators serving the greater Birmingham/Huntsville area of Alabama. We also provide counciling, support, and referrals for people across the nation, Canada, and other parts of the world  for those that believe they are having paranormal activity. We also work as behind the scenes advisers for television and motion picture production companies.
GhostHauntings.org originally began on June 1, 2006 as "THE HAUNTING!" at our old address thehaunting.peperonity.com on the Peperonity Mobile Community. THE HAUNTING! site is now closed & most of it`s content has been moved here.

This site (GhostHauntings.Org) was hosted on Microsoft Servers for six years and we became one of the top paranormal sites on the web. In April of 2012 Microsoft decided to terminate their present servers and switch to a new type of server. This bad business decision resulted in this site going offline on May 1, 2012. This was a major setback and hurt our site rankings after years of hard work to make this site what it has become. After being offline for two months, I am proud to say that we abandoned Microsoft and relaunched this site on a new host. GhostHauntings.Org returned to the web on June 26, 2012.

June 1, 2006 
Launched this site on the Peperonity Mobile Network www.TheHaunting.Peperonity.Com  
November 24, 2006 
GhostHauntings.Org Debuted on Microsoft servers and the Peperonity site was closed.
February 26, 201
The Paranormal Research Alliance was founded.
April 27, 2012
Site went offline for two months and had to be rebuilt from the ground up due to a poorly planned out transition with Microsoft Servers.
   June 26, 2012
Site returned to the web on a new hosting service, and we severed all ties with Microsoft.        

We`re honored that we are reaching thousands of people regularly & causing many of them to exercise a part of their brain that doesn`t get used enough. According to statistics this site gets from 200 to 700 visitors each day with no advertising whatsoever.
 GhostHauntings.org will make even the most skeptical people stop & think. We are not interested in sensationalism, but we want to stimulate your thought process & provide education to our readers.
We truly hope that this site will open your mind to accept that there is so much to life than just what we see on the physical plane. Even more, we hope to provide information to those that are experiencing paranormal occurrences & employ an avenue in which they can seek counseling.
GhostHauntings.org is dedicated to reporting what we believe are the facts. There may be skeptics out there, but until we know otherwise, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!


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