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To give you an idea of who I am, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am Reverend Blair David Jett, but please feel free to call me Blair.

I`m a male, born on Wednesday February 14, 1962, in Richmond, California. I grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Sebastopol, in Sonoma County, California.

I was raised in a Christian household & after the death of my sister in 1973, my parents insisted that we attend church every Sunday. I didn`t want to go to church, nor was I comfortable with the concept, but I was eleven years old & had to do as I was told.
In 1980 at the age of 18, I went through an enlightenment period & discovered Wicca. I was fascinated with the metaphysical world & found that Wicca made more sense than christianity.

In 1982, I strayed from the Wiccan path for a short time & began studying satanism, under the teachings of Anton Lavey, founder of the Church Of Satan in San Francisco. During my months of satanic study, I experienced adverse effects, which I will Share with you elsewhere on the site (The Author`s Ghostly Experiences story #3). 

Fortunately I learned by my mistakes & realized that Satanism is nothing more than an extension of Christianity, & I returned back to what I believed to be the right path, Wicca. I remained of the Wiccan faith for 32 years until I became ordained and started studying to become a lightworker. In these studies it teaches more about God, Jesus Christ, and the Archangels, but not in the form that today`s Orthodox religions teach. Studying God and Jesus in a spiritual form rather than Christian form makes more sense to me, and this has caused me to rethink my beliefs and lean more towards Spirituality.

All together my teachings and studies over the years has been;

Protestant Christianity
as taught by Hessel Union Church in Sebastopol, California.

Church Of Wicca
Taught by Gavin & Yvonne Frost

Church Of Satan
Taught by Anton LaVey

Shaman Spiritualism Healing
Taught by
John G. Livingston

In the 1980`s I was a captain of the Bodega Bay Volunteer Fire Department in Bodega Bay, California. During the years of service as a firefighter I experienced many gruesome experiences, including having people die right in my lap. These experiences taught me just how fragile life truly is, there are no guarantees!

In the early 90`s I was an `on air personality` at KZYX 90.7 FM in Philo, California. & hosted my own radio show `Late Night With David Baker`.


"Late Night With David Baker".


Although I really miss being on the air, I now continue my quest as a media person by managing this & a couple other web sites.


In January 2010 I founded The Paranormal Research Alliance in Cullman, Alabama. We are a team of paranormal investigators that volunteer our time to assisting people that believe they may be experiencing ghosts & hauntings.


In July 2010 I began hosting a paranormal talk radio show `The Blair Jett Show` on Blog Talk Radio & this show can be heard via the internet worldwide. That same month I also became a non denominational ordained Minister & Counselor through The Universal Life Church Monastery in Seattle, Washington, and am now directing my energy towards performing Lightwork that includes cleansings, exorcisms, helping trapped spirits to crossover into the light, and removing demonic influences from people and locations.


  My roots are firmly planted in California, but I have been blessed to live in other parts of the country .
I have lived in

San Pablo
Bodega Bay
Anderson (Olinda/Happy Valley)


Klamath Falls


Presently I now reside in


I ask that you always try to keep an open mind when it comes to life, because none of us truly know what it`s all about until the day that we must leave this physical plane & grow. May you be blessed in all that life brings, be good to one another & love is the word.

Blessed be,

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