Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Hall


December 1998, Leicester, England. Security cameras capture a strange apparition like figure at historic Belgrave Museum.
Staff at the museum have known for years that Belgrave Hall is the home to many ghostly residents and immediately and somewhat prematurely jumped to the conclusion that they had perhaps caught one of the spooky residents on video.

The media was alerted and it was soon world news that a ghost had been caught on video..........but this had yet to be proven.


The image of the apparition like figure lasts for a mere second or two, while a ghostly apparition like fog can be seen appearing and moving in the background behind a brick wall.

Curator Stuart Warburton commented: "The security cameras at the back of the hall triggered off one night at about 4.50am, and then suddenly ... two figures appear on the film.

"The camera freezes for about five seconds and then the figures disappear. And then we have a mist that swirls along the top of the wall, which we cannot explain.


"The hall is haunted, there is no question about that," Mr Warburton added.

Some people believed one of the figures on the security video is wearing a long Victorian dress, bustle included.



Ghost sightings at Belgrave Hall have been reported for years. Gardener Michael Snuggs swears he encountered a ghost dressed in a terracotta colored Victorian dress walking down the stairs and pausing to look through the window at the garden one day. He claims she then tuned, smiled and walked through to the kitchen and disappeared.

One of the ghosts is thought to be the daughter of one of the original owners Mr John Ellis a local MP. Charlotte Ellis inhabited the house with her 7 sisters from 1845. 5 of the sisters, including Charlotte all died whilst residing at Belgrave Hall.

A popular ghost that is often sighted is referred to as the "Victorian Lady" ghost and has often been heard by staff members walking around the upstairs. There is also a "Green Lady" and a "Grey Lady" that appears on a regular basis throughout the grounds and building.

A mysterious cooking odor sometimes permeates the hall, when no cooking is taking place anywhere. Other smells of freshly baked bread, gingerbread and stewed fruit have been reported to also linger throughout the hall where there is no kitchen currently located. The kitchens in the Hall are museum pieces and are not used.

Belgrave Hall was first built by Edmund Cradock between 1709 and 1713. He died soon afterwards and the next owners, John and Helen Simons soon took over. Not much was ever recorded about the Simons but they resided within until the Vanns took over in 1767.

The Vanns ran an extremely successful hosiery business, using the out buildings as warehouses. They were decent, kind people who gave generously to charity and employed many of the locals as knitters.

The hall seems to have started it's beautiful garden, which it is well known for, in the early days when it was first built. Family members all seem to have had fond memories of the wonderful blooms and plants that grew within.

The Hall was converted into a museum in 1936. The gardens were then developed further and have since been a botanic delight to all visitors to the Hall.


Circa 1800`s

Well known ISPR (International Society for Paranormal Research) Field Investigators were invited in to explore the hall to see if it was most definitely haunted, and also to help shed some light on the video image that was captured.
The Field Investigators consisted of Parapsychologists, Psychics and other ISPR Paranormal Investigators who all were well experienced with haunted houses.

The team soon discovered that there was not one but quite a few ghosts inhabiting the Hall, however they could find no evidence or trace of paranormal activity or energies from the place where the figure was spotted on video.

At one point, when inside the Hall, they encountered a strong, negative energy located on the upstairs floor. The male energy was so negative it forced them to leave it in peace as they were afraid it would hurt someone or cause some damage.

They also encountered a small child ghost that had died of Tuberculosis along with a well known Cook and a man who had fallen and hurt himself (possibly killed) on the stairs. Almost all of the entities they encountered were confirmed to have existed with accounts and history of the Hall. The ISPR Team had no prior knowlege of the history or family who had lived in the Hall.

The ISPR concluded that Belgrave Hall is indeed very haunted and a Hot Spot of paranormal activity. They took evidence of many Cold Spots where the temperature would suddenly and dramatically drop. They felt many residual forces and energies that affected their psychics in various ways.

They concluded that the ghostly inhabitants were friendly and were mostly part of the original family who owned the Hall. The only negative energy was the upstairs negative male, who is thought to be possibly dangerous and best left alone.

After examining the security video footage that was thought to possibly contain a ghost, ISPR concluded that the footage and the strange image was "environmental" and not paranormal in nature.

Stuart Warburton, Curator, also experimented with trying to recreate a similar image to see what it actually was. The closest match was a leaf.

The ISPR state that to be a ghostly apparition, the figure would in fact be over 10ft tall. They also took note that the image appeared for the same amount of time as a raindrop appeared. Apparitions do not appear and disappear so quickly on film, they tend to linger and move about a bit.

They also concluded that the mysterious looking fog that appeared suddenly in the background, is that, some fog. The weather that night was drizzle and cold, perfect conditions for English fog to appear.


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