Civil War Ghosts

Civil War Ghosts
The areas of America where battles of the Civil War took place are loaded with ghostly activity & I encourage my readers to share your photos and stories. I`ve featured some photos below, but I know that there are thousands of others out there. This page will be updated regularly with photos and stories as I collect them. I urge you to share yours with me too & they will be considered for this page.
 This photo was taken by Scotty Butts in Gathland State Park near Burkittsville, Maryland. It is believed to be the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers.


Laura took this photo on April 3, 2004, at Devil`s Den in Gettysburg, Pennsyvania. She said there were no Civil war re-enactors at the site, nor any re-enactments taking place. A close up has been provided below. 


Close up below

This image appeared on this photo taken by someone that preferred to remain anonymous. The photo was taken in June of 2006 in a cemetery that has many graves from the civil war. The exact location of this cemetery is unknown. From a distance the apparition appears staged, but if you zoom in with your computer, you will see that it looks more authentic & it`s lower legs are transparent.
October 2009

I Captured this ghostly spirit the weekend of Sept. 18-20 at Gettysburg in the Wheatfield using a Sony Cybershot digital.  The weather was gorgeous, sunny with blue skies...couldn't be better.  I Decided to take lots of random shots of the treeline "just in case" something or someone was lurking there.  Finally got one!  Got lots of others too, but not quite like this.  I don't have PhotoShop or any other type of program to manipulate this image.  What you see is straight from the camera card.
Lou Flocco
Wilmington, DE 



December 2009
Sachs Covered Bridge Apparition



Original photo


Close Up 

sent by Corwin Dillon 
"I was at the covered bridge in Gettysburg and just decided to take a pic for the hell of it from my camera phone. I didn't even notice what was in it until I uploaded it, there is a black figure at the end of the bridge that you can clearly see, No one was there except my friends who were in the car with me."


 Note from GhostHauntings.Org

Clearly you can see that this photo was taken in the rain & there are moisture drops on the lens, but that does not interfere with the shadow image itself. Look at the detail on the pantlegs, but also notice that the top half of the apparition is not so detailed & almost distorted.



More photos from Sachs Covered Bridge

taken by Bill.
These were taken at Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg. There was no fog present at the time these pictures were taken.
Sach`s Bridge

This photo was taken by Middletown Paranormal Society ( Look at the person towards the very back on the far left. It appears to be the transparent image of a girl or woman wearing a bonnet.


Close Up

Original photo but with lighting alterations below


June 2011
Gettysburg Ghost Soldier?


This picture was taken at 9:00am on March 7, 2010, just south of the Volunteer State Memorial on S.W. Confederate Ave., looking southeast on the Gettysburg battlefield. I thought the three trees looked interesting. It wasn't until I downloaded and zoomed in on the trees that I saw a figure of a soldier. My daughter and I were the only visitors in the area at the time the picture was taken. I do not believe this is a monument. And the picture taken right after at a different angle does not show the figure. If anyone can explain would welcome the comment.


 November 2013

Civil War Apparitions

On January 2, 2012 a group of friends and I went geo caching for the day. We went to Williamsburg and decided to do one more cache before dusk. We ended up in Newport news national park. Unfortunately we could not find the last cache but decided to explore until the sun went down completely. As we were crossing this pedestrian bridge we noticed three separate lights on the banks of the river amongst the trees that were unexplainable. In my opinion, they resembled lantern light. As we continued to the other side, and by now almost completely dark outside, we could only walk about 50 ft in before it was pitch dark and had to turn around. Where we had seen these lights there was a fence along a pathway which meant the only way to get to where we saw these lights was to climb that fence. It was odd to say the least. When we left we were the only car in the parking lot and observed no one crossing the bridge while we were there.

Fast forward a year and a half later I get a new phone and because of the bigger screen I notice something I was unable to see before. With some research I discovered the battle of dam number one took place here, a battle apart of the siege of Yorktown during the civil war. This explained why there was a fenced path because many men died on the banks during this battle. I think what I captured is amazing and unexplainable. I plan on taking a trip there again this week to show the park what I captured.

Zoomed Versions

 Angelica M | Norfolk, Virginia

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