Cleansers And Exorcists

Cleansers And Exorcists

Just like we must bathe our physical body routinely to remove dirt and debris, our spiritual or energy body can accumulate dirt from the spiritual plane and cleansing is needed. More than 75% of the human population has either spiritual or demonic attachments. An attachment is when a fragment of a spirit (Ghost) or a Demon attaches itself to a person and remains with the host everywhere it goes. Sometimes a host could have an attachment for years.

Spirit attachments may not always mean to harm you, but can still have a negative effect on your daily life. Demonic attachments are just what it sounds like, Demons. Demons are parasites that attach to you just like a leech and drain it`s host of life force energy. Over long periods of time several demons may attach to a host and create an infestation. Demons have only one purpose. To drain you of your life energy and destroy you. Over a long period of time (sometimes years) you can become possessed and because you are under control by this infestation the host may attempt suicide or homicide.

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Demons & Possession

Once a host becomes infested they will feel many of the following symptoms.

Your intuition telling you that all is not well



Cold patches in the aura


Bad dreams and nightmares

Unexplained aches and pains

Anxiety and fearfulness


Obsessive/compulsive behavior

Self mutilation

Eating Disorders

Out of character behavior, especially angry outbursts

Lack of eye contact or a haunted' look in the eyes

Drug addiction or alcoholism

Suicidal thoughts or actual attempts

It is possible to actually have several spirit and demonic attachments at the same time.

Now one of the things that I have been studying and practicing since becoming ordained in 2010 is cleansings and exorcisms. I have successfully removed demons and ghosts from people and locations and in the near future I may be ready to specialize in this field and offer my services to the general public. But my training is not completed yet (near completion, but not quite yet) and so I only provide my services to a limited number of people. Usually only clients where we investigate homes. In the meantime here are a few healers and cleansers you may want to contact for help.

If you believe that you have spiritual or demonic attachments, here are a few healers that you may want to look into. Some of these healers charge for their services, but I do not get any type of percentage or payment for referring people to them.

John Livingston

John Livingston and I have had a professional relationship since early 2007. I have referred several clients to him and even had him remove demonic attachments that I had in 2010. I can say from personal experience that I would highly recommend John. John is a Shaman healer and uses Shaman techniques. John does ask for donations, but has also been known to never turn someone away when they need help.

The Paranormal Clergy

The Paranormal Clergy was founded by Bishop James Long and uses the Roman Catholic approach. Bishop Long has been a guest on the television show Ghost Adventures seen exorcising Demons from Bobby Mackey`s Music World. There is no charge or fee for their services.

The Paranormal Clergy Website

Paranormal Research Society Of New England

Founded by John Zaffis with a large crew, in 1998, the PRSNE has helped many people that have experienced paranormal activity in their home.

PRSNE Website


Jeffrey Seelman is an internationally known psychic, cleanser, and exorcist. He has been seen on E! Entertainment Television, SyFy, and Coast To Coast AM.

StarClear Website

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