Cry Baby Hollow

Cry Baby Hollow
Hartselle, Alabama.


Blair Jett




Deep in the woods on Kayo Road in Hartselle, Alabama, is a tiny one lane bridge known for decades to locals as Cry Baby Hollow. The bridge is about 12 feet across and although there are signs that it had guardrails at one time, there aren`t any now.

The legend of Cry Baby Hollow varies depending on who you ask, but the story that sticks out the most is that in the 1800s a horse pulled wagon was crossing the bridge when a wheel snapped, causing the wagon to overturn and ejecting an infant child into the creek, where it drowned. It is said that if you go to the bridge at night you can hear the sound of a baby crying off in the distance & even the sobbing of the mother. It is also claimed that If you leave a candybar on the bridge, leave & comeback, a bite will be taken out of it.


Huntsville resident Harry Sherrod has a photo of what he believes to be a demon that he took at the bridge in 2004. Unfortunately, he has copyrighted the photo & published it in a book, so in respect of his copyright, we will not publish it here. The photo shows a ecto like mist & what appears to be faces in that mist.

Below are some photos taken by the folks that have an website in which they claim to have captured paranormal activity on film there.


A face in the water
Eyes in water bottom middle of photo


The folks that took these photos say that the water under the bridge was cloudy to the naked eye, but when the photos were developed the water was clear. In both photos, they zoomed way in & cropped the images.

It is very true that the water at Cry Baby Hollow is very murkey. We have visited this location twice now and it`s more of a brown stagnated kind of water with no circulation. Can it turn clear for photos? I don`t know because I wasn`t there with these folks. But I can say that Tonya & Myself took video of this water in the daytime and it was just as brown in the video as it was to the naked eye. And I will say that I looked at other photos taken by these same people where they claimed to have captured paranormal activity, but I don`t agree that those other photos were paranormal.


Now as for the face in the first photo and the eyes in the second photo, there`s a thing called `Pareidolia`, or `matrixing` as some prefer to call it. Pareidolia is when the mind picks faces out of random images. This is a flaw of our human brain in which when we see something that our brain is unable to identify, it will automatically begin rolling through all the previous images it remembers until it can put a familiar image to this random pattern that it is seeing. Considering that these photos were zoomed in & cropped quite a bit, I`d have to say that Pareidolia is a possibility.

Now don`t misunderstand me here, I`m not saying these images are fakes or that these folks that took them are nuts. I`m just trying to be logical here and a logical mind cannot rule pareidolia out at this point.



Paranormal Research Alliance Investigation 

On Thursday, March 25, 2010, Our group `Paranormal Research Alliance` (PRA) based in Cullman, Alabama conducted our own investigation at Cry Baby Hollow. Armed with infrared night vision equipment, EMF detectors, infrared thermometer, & Digital voice recorders for catching electronic voice phenomena (EVP), we decided to see if we could find these ghosts that are said to haunt this location.


Unfortunately, we didn`t get many still photos that night because we experienced some difficulties with our digital camera. Why we had this trouble we really don`t know, but we did also experience some odd behavior with our infrared thermometer in the exact same spot that the camera acted up. Was it something paranormal?.....who knows, I don`t care to make such a bold conclusion.

But we did successfully gather video footage that night (see below).


Team member Erica Henson did feel a heavy feeling in her chest for a minute or two, but After examining the video & audio taken that night, we have not found any conclusive paranormal evidence. During examination of the audio, it did seem like I could hear some disembodied voices off in the distance, but it`s also possible that this is a figment of my imagination. We did notice that we could hear automobiles off in the distance on Highway 31 (2 miles away) that could be misunderstood as moaning and we noticed that there are some homes up to road aways on a hillside.

Under the right circumstances, it would be logical to assume that sounds coming from these locations could fool an unsuspecting person into believing they`re hearing disembodied sounds. So if Cry Baby Hollow is haunted like Harry Sharrod,, and local legend suggests, why did we have such an uneventful night on our investigation?

Who knows.

But I would like to return again someday and next time we`ll take a load of pictures.



Investigators present 

Blair Jett
Dan Carl
Erica Henson
Tonya Taylor


Investigation time: 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

52 degrees fahrenheit
partly cloudy


Moon : Waxing
Solar Activity: calm
Geomagnetic activity: quiet



Term Glossary 

EMF/ Electromagnetic Field - It`s theorized that ghosts can alter the electromagnetic energy in an area.

 EVP/ Electronic Voice Phenomena - Although spirit voices are not always audible to the human ear, ghost voices are often captured on recordings.

 Cold & hot spots - These are often associated when ghosts are nearby.



PRA Visit Cry Baby Hollow part 1



Part 2




Follow up
Thursday, September 9, 2010


Investigators Present

Erica Henson
Dan Carl
Blair Jett
Tracy Longenfeld


Investigation time
Midnight to 5 a.m.


73 degrees
partly cloudy
Wind calm
Humidity 96%


waxing 92%

Geomagnetic Activity; calm

Solar Activity; Quiet



Our team returned to this location for a follow up investigation and a training session for our newest team member Tracy Longenfeld. During the five hours we were there we conducted multiple EVP sessions, several hours of video, & took numerous still photographs.


During one session about 100 yards from the bridge near the turn in the road with the big yellow gate, the four of us felt as though we were not alone for about ten minutes. Tracy reported feeling a cold chill & goosebumps on her arm, and the rest of us thought we could see orb activity. Although we attempted to talk any spirits to come out to us, the feelings dissipated after about ten minutes. At another point we thought we had observed a white glow that resembled an ecto type mist. Although these were personal experiences & the possibility exists that our minds might be playing tricks on us, we could not substantiate any of this with our equipment.  We did catch a few orbs on some still photos, but this may have been moisture droplets due to a recent rain.


Our guidelines for evidence say
When in doubt, throw it out.
So that`s what we did.



Orbs caught on camera. The unusual shape it nothing paranormal. It`s due to the shape of the shutter in the camera.
Dust? Insects? Moisture?



Tracy & Dan monitoring Electromagnetic Fields & temperatures


After about an hour we split up into teams of two. While Tracy & Erica went to the bridge, Blair & Dan attempted a second session near the gate using audio, video, EMF, and still photography.


Dan gets cold chills on his neck & arms, and hair on his head & arms stand on end. He uses this moment to try & call any spirits to come out.


Hair on Dan`s arm standing up


Blair takes EMF readings as he gets cold chills on one side of his neck



Later in the night we split up in teams of two again. While Erica & Dan conducted sessions at the gate, Tracy & Blair went to the bridge. Although we did catch some unexplainable sounds that we could not determine the origin, we also discovered a family of raccoons making quite a stir near the water.

At one point Blair decided that if the "ghosts" won`t come to us, he`ll come to them. Blair crawled down under the bridge alone, sat in the dark for a few minutes & snapped some photos while attempting to get the legendary ghost to come out.


Tracy on the Bridge



Under the bridge




Our conclusion

We have heard many tales about this location where people have claimed to witness paranormal activity, including photographs of alledged ghost/demons. But we have conducted three investigations, one during daylight & two at night. Although most of us have had personal experiences at Cry Baby Hollow, we have yet been able to document anything with our equipment.


Of course we cannot say without a doubt that the legend of Cry Baby Hollow is true, nor can we alledge that all of these people that have had experiences in the past are victims of an over active imagination.

All we can say is that we have not been able to find any conclusive proof or smoking gun to establish that any paranormal activity occurs here. Yes, we have had a few personal experiences, but that is not enough to substantiate any claims.




A few random photos



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