Cullman Sense

February 16, 2015

By Chelsea Sparks

There are always things that we as humans cannot readily explain. A strange noise or a mysterious shadow is usually the result of a mundane occurrence we just do not know about. There are times, however, when the things that go bump in the night might seem like the only possible conclusion. Paranormal Research Alliance is a local, non-profit group whose main goal is to explain these odd situations, and if needed, rid the area of a haunting spirit.

“I opened the website in 2006,” said founder Blair Jett. “Shortly afterwards I began getting contacted by people seeking advice and help regarding paranormal activity. It didn`t take me long to realize that the number of people in this country, and around the world in need of help, was very large and this is a serious problem that needed attention. So I formed the Paranormal Research Alliance in 2010 and began investigating locally.” The group works on a small scale with the hope to make a big difference in their clients’ lives and to give them piece of mind, according to Jett. “We get approximately 10 to 15 client interviews per year where we are able to resolve the dilemma by performing a cleansing, exorcism or house blessing, and anywhere from 6-10 investigations per year. These numbers are only approximate as they are different every year.”
He went on to state that more often than not the occurrences can be explained and are not paranormal incidents. “Eighty percent of the time we can debunk many paranormal claims and associate a logical explanation,” Jett said.

“The other 20 percent of the time they are genuine. That 20 percent makes it all worthwhile and makes up for the other 80 percent.” Jett claims that he and his team have encountered paranormal ranging from simple to more complex cases. “Often we see just classic cases of ghost(s) lingering at a location causing a nuisance and frightening our clients, but we have seen cases of demonic hauntings a couple times and one case of possession,” he said.

Of course, Jett and his team run into those who are skeptical of the paranormal, and according to him, it is not their business to convince anyone. “Our purpose is not really about trying to convince skeptics that ghosts are real, it`s more about helping people in their time of need,” said Jett. “Otherwise, who would they call? You can`t call 911 to report a haunting and many churches these days don`t have adequate knowledge and training for this sort of thing. But to the skeptics out there, I will say that ghosts and demons are very real. If they chose not to believe in it, well that`s their right I suppose.”

The group does not work for money and offers their services to those in need. From blessings to cleansing to exorcisms, they help those with no one else to turn to. “We are a nonprofit organization and volunteer our time to helping others,” said Jett. “If you ever need advice or think you might be faced with paranormal activity, don`t be afraid to give us a call. We are professional, discreet and very caring of our clients’ wellbeing.”
For more information, visit or call the Paranormal Research Alliance at 1-888-531-4666. 

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