Demon In The Duck

Demon In The Duck SOLVED!


This story & photo was on our page of Unexplained Photos for a couple of months. This photo made the news curcuit nationwide & had people baffled. Below is the actual story as it appeared on our "Unexplained Photos" page along with some of our readers comments. This mystery has been solved & we`ll tell you the details below the article.




Case #5


 The International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia, California, is dedicated to saving injured wildlife. On June 1, 2006, a duck was brought in to the center with a broken wing. Assistant Manager Marie Travers treated the injured bird & took an x-ray, which died from it`s injury. She was dumbfounded when she viewed the x-ray & saw a demon like face inside of the duck. Cause of the face has yet to be determined..


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that is just freaky i personally think that a demon can be in anything as long as it lives!

                                                                                          Crystal Garcia   


Subject: wow!
My name is Felicia and I live in the Sacramento area...these pictures are breathtaking! although i always doubted the duck with the demon inside...


 This picture looks like someother person is behind that person while he is having and X-Ray other people may be involved with this one maybe a X-Ray tech.

Jimmie Bialobrzewski

Boston, Mass.






We`ve been notified from various news sources that The International Bird Rescue Center performed an autopsy on the dead bird. Marie & her assistant didn`t see any alien face in the stomach, but did discover that the duck had consumed an extremely large quantity of corn prior to it`s death. The duck had a very large ball of corn in it`s stomach which just coincidentally happened to look like an alien face in the X-Ray.

This is excellent proof to us that things are not always as they may seem & we should never jump to conclusions expecially when viewing controversial photos like we do in the paranormal field.

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