Geurnsey WWll Hospital

Geurnsey WW ll Hospital

about 2 years ago i went to Geurnsey where me and my Nan visited an underground world war 2 hospital, which had been used by the Nazis. I took a series of photographs, most of which show nothing unusual (i can send you some of these normal photographs if you wish to see any) the first two photos i have sent you show some weird mist, which definitely was not seen by me at the time of photographs, there was no smoking as it was an indoor area. The only thing i could think of is that it could be some sort of mist, but as I say this was not in any other photos.
In the third photo of the bedroom, there is quite a clear figure that looks like it is walking across the back doorway of the room. This was also not noticed by anyone at the time of the photograph, but recently when I have looked back at these I have been quite shocked to see this. I know this was not a person because all of the rooms were as far as i remember barred off and all my photos taken with my camera through the bars. could you shed any light on these images? I am very interested in ghosts and this would be a great help."

Georgie Kay-Phillips


This photo below, Georgie says there were no mannequins like in one of the above photos.
Could this be a ghost?

Close Up

Response from Blair at GhostHauntings.Org

The first photo (I assume those figures that look like people are mannequins) this mist does not appear to be dust, because it lacks the heaviness that comes with dust, and I`m sure that is something you would have noticed while you were there. The second photo, same opinion. This human like figure in the third photo is quite interesting. It looks almost as though it`s wearing a dress. Upon zooming in on it it becomes too pix-elated to determine exactly what it is, but it appears to be in motion that is not consistent with a Mannequin. It looks to me like it may be a woman (possibly a nurse?) wearing period clothing.

I think you may have possibly stumbled across something here.

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