Home Cleansing Technique

Home Cleansing Technique And Blessing

Archangel Michael
Protector against evil with his mighty sword of protection

If you are personally attached to a location where paranormal activity is occurring, or living in fear, this package may NOT be for you. Although it is possible for people to conduct their own cleansings, they must be knowledgeable of what they are doing and have a certain level of confidence and mental preparation. It is advised that you seek help from trained experts.
If you do not have any of the above mentioned and want to learn how to successfully perform cleansings, or if you are a ghost hunter wishing to learn,

We are often contacted by clients wanting to know how to get annoying ghosts and dark forces to leave. But did you know that you can do these things yourself?
We are now offering to share these simple techniques with you in an informative package so that you can successfully rid those annoying pests away.
Many people, including some Paranormal Societies, think that cleansing is a tough drawn out procedure and that the solution is some secret that only a privileged  few hold the key. But the reality is that anyone with a strong mind and will can successfully cleanse and bless their home or property without having to pay huge sums of money to psychics or exorcists, or calling on your local Clergy.

Whether you are a ghost hunter, member of a paranormal society, or just an average person, this is the information just for you!
These techniques have been used for centuries by Shamans, Priests, and Lightworkers for years. If you are a ghost hunter but not sure that you know how to get these energies to leave, this package will arm you with the knowledge and techniques that you need to know.

These techniques are the same that we here at the Paranormal Research Alliance use everyday for our clients, and we have never had a client call us back to report that the paranormal activity in their home is still continuing.

In these techniques we`ll explain the Archangels. Why they were put here to carry out God`s work, and exactly in great detail how you can use these techniques yourself. We`ll also explain Smudging techniques and how to use them.

Many Cleansers and Psychics charge two hundred dollars or more for their service. But now you can do this yourself for just a fraction of that cost.
We offer two packages.

Our Ultimate package for just $24.99 provides
Full information and techniques to remove demonic and dark forces.
How to exorcize someone that is suffering from attachments or possession.
How to close and destroy a dark portal.
How to re-establish the white light and direct ghosts to go into it.
How to get ghosts to leave.
How to bless your home.
How to bless your family members.

Our Smaller Package For Just $9.99 Provides
How to bless your home and members of your family

If all you want to do is bless your home and family members and create a calm and positive atmosphere, then the $9.99 package is right for you.
If you are a ghost hunter or just an average person that wants to know how to remove ghosts and dark forces, then our $24.99 package is right for you. Now this is NOT some fancy book or expensive publication, this information comes on plain white computer printed paper. And that`s why we can offer you these simple techniques at such a low price. It`s nothing fancy because you don`t need anything fancy to use these POWERFUL techniques yourself. But in order to use these techniques you must be of sound mind and strong will.

There is no secret to cleansings and blessings other than those that want to keep it a secret.
Well now these secrets are available to you.

Place your order now and we`ll send you these techniques in the mail.
Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.
There is a 99 cents delivery fee on all packages.

All proceeds go to fund the Paranormal Research Alliance (A Not For Profit Organization) and GhostHauntings.Org.

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