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Cleansing Your Home Of Unwanted Ghosts



So you think you have a ghost? The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have a real ghost, & refrain from jumping to conclusions. Often there may be logical explanations for many incidents in your home, so you`ll want to review all possibilities.
Just because a door in your home seemed to slam shut the other day on it`s own accord, is not proof that you have a ghost in your house.

Drafts, Flickering Lights, & Knocking.

If you`re feeling drafts in your residence, it`s important to investigate why. Many older homes have less insulation & often even cracks in the inner or outer walls where air is seeping in. By simply fixing those cracks, you may notice that the drafts & the door that seems to close by itself have stopped. If lights in your home flicker or turn off & on, it`s important to check your electrical system. You may have faulty wiring somewhere in your walls or the circuit breaker.

Are you hearing knocking or tapping on your walls? You may have a resident in your home that isn`t of a ghostly nature, it may be a critter. It may also be a tree branch rubbing up against the outside walls of the house. Check your basement, attic, and everywhere possible to see if you have rodents, squirrels, or bats. Check all of the exterior walls for branches or anything that might be swinging in the wind and bumping against your home.

Once you have made sure that your home is not in need of maintenance or repairs & the problems persist, then it`s time to consider a ghost.




10 Warning Signs
If you`re experiencing any of these symptoms, it may mean you have ghostly activity, especially if you`re experiencing more than one.

1. Electrical appliances and/or lights turn on or off by themselves.

2. You hear footsteps, tapping, or bumps, in your home.

3. You frequently experience cold spots, or a room temperature dramatically drops.

4. You hear voices, music, or smells such as perfume or cigar smoke, or feel being touched somewhere on your body.

5. You see shadows move acrossed the room, or out of the corner of your eye.

6. You often feel that you`re being watched or get that chilling feeling that makes your hair on your arms stand up.

7. Items in your home disappear, then reappear frequently.

8. Items or furniture move on their own accord.

9. You see orbs, flashes of light, or mists.

10. You see an apparition.

If you experience any of these ten incidents, or especially more than one, this is good evidence to support that you may not be alone in your home.



What To Do


First off, don`t panic. You do have control over these types of situations & in many cases you can rid these spirits from your home, especially if they are annoying you, or just plain being a pest. Contrary to what some people or religions teach, I have yet to see legitimate proof that a devil exists. But there are rare instances where demonic forces have attached themselves to a victim & led them to physical illness, psychological illness, self mutilation, murder, & suicide. Demonic forces are NOT of human origin & have often been associated with fallen angels.

There are some ghosts that are moody & h`onery, but in most instances demons can be rare & there is little evidence to support any traditional style devil or "Satan", or even a place called Hell. When a person dies, their soul has a choice of staying on the earthly realm, or going into the white light. Some are afraid to go into the light, especially if they lived a dubious life, because they think they are going to burn in hell. But research seems to say otherwise.


When you go into the light, you are met by guides that will review your life on earth & point out your favorable & unfavorable conduct. From there it is decided whether you can move on to higher realms like being a guardian angel or spirit guide, or if you should return to the physical plane and try to improve the mistakes that you previously made (reincarnation). This theory is debated by different religions, but my research supports what I`ve just told you. Some spirits will remain on the earthly plane because of murder or trauma while they were alive, and want to communicate this to us. It seems that people who have died suddenly (like an accident or murder) are more likely to remain on earth because they aren`t aware that they have died.


Ghosts want to get your attention and let you know that they are there, and they thrive on your responses and emotions. Sometimes simply ignoring them & pretending you don`t know they are there will send them on their way. When you feel or see their presence, you need to speak to them outloud, just like you would if you were speaking to a live person. Remember, the ghost is alive, but in a spirit form. They are existing on a different realm that is less physical than we exist on. When you speak to the ghost, explain politely that they are causing discord in your home & that you would appreciate it if they would respect your need for living in a happy home.



Be polite and loving about it, you don`t want to anger them & give them a reason to stick around and complicate your life any further. Many times this will do the trick & they will leave. If they persist, they may have a reason. They may be trying to communicate something to you, but I DO NOT recommend trying to communicate with them, because an inexperienced person may make errors that will open up a portal & cause them to haunt & even torment you. STAY AWAY FROM SEANCES OR OUIJA BOARDS!!! If you feel you need to communicate with them, I suggest finding someone that is trained in the field, like a psychic and/or a professional ghost hunter. Beware of frauds, there are many of them out there, but if you research it properly, there are legitimate mediums & paranormal experts out there.


Cleansing The Home

This method has been used by many with moderate success. I will give my personal opinion about this method & my theory on "My Theory" located or at the bottom of this page.

For some stubborn ghosts you may want to cleanse your home to get rid of them. Holy water is a good tool whether you are of Christian faith or not. You can go to a Catholic church and get water that has been blessed by a priest, or some people of metaphysical experience can even do their own blessing ritual to bless the water. You can walk around your home & splash this water by dipping your fingers in it & sprinkling it everywhere. Get everywhere in the home, closets, doorways, basements, attics, etc. And don`t forget outside too. If you`re of Christian faith, saying a prayer to bless your house works well. Invoke the name of Jesus Christ & ask that he remove any negative energies & spirits from your home. Many people have claimed success by reciting The Lord`s Prayer while splashing the holy water.

Any prayer will usually work as long as you have the faith that your god will protect you.



If you`re not of Christian faith or just want another method, burning sage is another great way. You can usually get sage from a local metaphysical supply store, or even sage incense will work well. Open all of the windows of your house, light the sage & walk all over your house covering every room, doorway, corner, basement, attic, etc. And instruct these spirits that they need to leave your home & move on into the light. Say it with love & respect, NEVER CHALLENGE A GHOST, because some will give you a run for your money. Your wording doesn`t have to be anything fantastic, just speak loud and clear and make your intentions firmly known. Light a white candle & let it burn, and visualize in your mind of your home being ghost free. The power comes more from your faith & belief, not necessarily your words. It may be necessary to repeat this process more than once. Mirrors have even worked for some people. Placing mirrors all around the home has been reported to help for some.

Sometimes it may not be possible to rid a ghost. If it`s an intelligent haunting (live spirit) many people continue to have free will even after they have moved on to the spirit realm. In the case of a residual haunting (not a live spirit, but more of an imprint in the energy field (see What Is A Ghost) , many minerals in a location are known to retain energy. Limestone, iron, & quartz are especially capable of storing energy. Quartz for example, is used in memory chips that store information in our computers & cellphones. It is suspected that the only way to rid a residual haunting is to remove all of those substances from a location. In most cases that isn`t always possible. But you can burn white sage and walk around each room of your house in a counter clockwise direction. This removes stale energy in a location and is said to work quite well.

The key is to have faith in your God & speak firmly, but lovingly, & most important, when you speak to this ghost you must explain to them that their time here on earth is up & they must go into the light. Tell them that there is no Hell nor extreme judgement, just a future of higher learning advancement. In some cases it will require someone here on earth like a Lightworker to call upon the Archangels to re-establish the white light and direct the ghost towards it, but in some cases it is said that if a trapped spirit wants to leave this earthly realm bad enough, they can sometimes summons the white light themselves.

Around 2008 I began doing more research and investigations and experimenting with helping spirits to crossover into the light, or commonly referred to as `A Lightworker`. I began experimenting with the use of the Archangels, and have had very positive results. I have had clients that sought the help of their local church or Clergy first before contacting me for help. In every case, the churches failed to help them.


Many people when trying to perform a clearing, cleansing, or house blessing, usually pray to "God" during these ceremonies. But what I seem to have concluded at this phase of my research is that maybe they`re praying to the wrong force. In the beginning God created the Archangels. These angels are much more powerful than a normal Angel, and their purpose is to control the physical and spiritual realms of the earth.

Picture it this way.

God is like the Mayor of the town and his Archangels are his police force. If you witnessed a crime in progress, you wouldn`t call the Mayor`s Office, you`d call the police....... Catch my drift?


I have been using the Archangels since I began performing Lightwork in mid 2010. I have successfully helped spirits crossover into the light, and I have removed demonic forces from locations, and to date the Archangels have not let me down yet.




I will give my thoughts & recommendations on this subject.


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