Hull House

Hull House

Special thanks to Dale Kaczmarek of The Ghost Research Society GRS,  for permission to share this story.
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The Hull House was built by Charles Hull in 1856 & is located in what used to be the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Hull left the house 12 years later & by the 1880`s it was surrounded by factories & tenement houses.

In 1889 Jane Addams & Ellen Gates Star rented several rooms in the house & started a social settlement for the poor. The house gained it`s greatest notoriety when Jane Addams took in "The Devil Baby" in 1913, that was born to a catholic mother & an atheist father. The baby got it`s name because it was said to have pointed ears, horns, scale covered skin, & a tail.

Rumors spread about the "Devil Baby" & literally hundreds of people flocked to the house hoping to catch a glimpse of the baby. Jane Addams denied it`s existence, but inside sources say she was just trying to protect a deformed infant. To this very day people report that the ghost of the baby still lurks in the house. Many claim to see a strange face peering out of the upstairs windows.

The picture at the top of this page was taken in 1979 by Dale Kaczmarek  of the staircase in the house, & shows what appears to be 3 monk like transparent figures & the one on the right appears to be missing it`s head. The photos below are of the staircase picture with the 3 figures outlined, a misty substance in the hallway, & a photo of the statue `Inez` which is said to move slightly & change facial expressions from time to time. We`ve also included photos of the exterior of the house accompanied with floor plans.


   House & Floor Plan

Staircase, Strange Mist, and Ynez


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