Jefferson Texas Face

A Face In The Darkness In Jefferson, Texas.

Amber Headrick & Melissa Younger of Jefferson, Texas, have been doing some ghost hunting. They caught a moving orb & a face in the darkness of the window staring back at them. It`s in the far left door window. Here`s what Amber had to say..
This is my first ghost pic with any thing like this in it.....I will tell you a little history on the building, it was built in the 1820's the top story was a doctors' office that is were we see the shadow person most the time....he don't really like his pic taken we only have one of him( I really don't want him to get mad) I think he don't like the the bottom was a bank were we caught the face in the window...the other half of the building is still in use it is a general store now an it was a hardware store back in the 1820's ...I interviewed the owner and they said they see a shadow man walking in the store some time, but not to often..but every time they do they smell cigar smoke...
I've gone back during the day to look in the window but there are only dead vines in the window and if you look close you can see the vines in the pic around the head...the building gives off an eerie feeling some times an some thing don't want you there....then some time nothing no feeling no chills nothing...some times you'll catch a blurry person out the corner of your eye but it will be gone by the time you turn around...then some times you feel like they want your company an does things just to get your attention...thanks Amber

This is a close up of the face in the window & it had to be lightened. Other than that, this picture has not been altered.


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