Jonathan Hillington

Jonathan Hillington
Decades ago Jonny Blaze took his children to visit his mother in the small orchard town of Okanagan, British Columbia. While the kids were playing in a swimming pool in the front yard of their grandmother`s house, Jonny took several pictures. Several weeks later he had the pictures developed & then sorted them out to send copies of the best ones to his mother.
A few weeks later Jonny`s telephone rang & it was his mother, crying her eyes out. Thinking that something terrible had happened, he asked his mother what was wrong. Jonny`s mother told him to dig out his copies of the photos. When he got the pictures in front of him, his mother cried frantically, "Do you see him?" "Do you see him?". Jonny instantly got a cold feeling & felt his heart drop when he came upon the photo.
Behind the children, in the widow of the house is the image of his father, Jonathan Hillington, staring through the window with the same expression he always had when he would come home from working in the orchards & watch Jonny play with his brothers & sisters. His father, Jonathan Hillington, had been killed years earlier in the orchards after being crushed by a tractor.


If you examine these photos, it becomes apparent that this is not a reflection coming from outside of the house. No one is standing near the front window nor close enough to the house that would cause such a reflection. After looking at the original & the close up, it doesn`t seem to be coming from inside the house, because the image isn`t consistant with the size of a human that would be standing inside. Plus, if you compare the height of the image to the door of the house, if it were a person inside, he would only be about four feet tall.

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