Myrtle`s Plantation

Myrtle`s Plantation


Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana has been a bed & breakfast inn since the 1980`s. Owners John & Teeta Moss & their guests are visited by entities on a regular basis, including seeing, hearing, & feeling entities.

Myrtles Plantation was built in 1794 by former revolutionary war hero "Whiskey Dave" Bradford & it`s history includes nearly a dozen murders. Bradford`s son in law Judge Clark Woodruffe & his family also lived on this plantation & of course this was during the days of slavery (circa 1794).

According to legend, Judge Woodruffe owned many slaves & one of them was named Chloe. Chloe was a house servant & was forced into a sexual relationship with Woodruffe while his wife was going through a pregnancy (this was a common occurrence back in those days). At one point Woodruffe caught Chloe eavesdropping on him & punished her by cutting off her ear. From that point on Chloe always wore a white turban to cover the spot where the ear once existed. Although unconfirmed, it`s reported that Chloe sought revenge by serving a poisoned birthday cake to the family in which mother & daughter died. According to records, the other slaves inflicted their own justice on Chloe by lynching her & discarding her corpse in the Mississippi River. It`s said that Chloe`s ghost still haunts the plantation & is seen on a regular basis.

Here is a set of photos taken of unexplained apparitions over the years at Myrtles Plantation. The first photo is what appears as a black woman (not present when photo was taken), taken by Teeta Moss on May 15, 1995. The second photo was taken by Jack Roth & is of a statue on the grounds. After the picture was developed, they spotted what appears to be a black woman wearing a turban, standing on the porch in the background. (not there when photo was taken)

The third & fourth photos were taken by a woman named Kim. She took two pictures back to back of her sister with infrared film. Although Kim`s sister was wearing clothes at the time, she appears naked in the first photo, & the second photo she appears to be wearing a full length gown & a little girl standing beside her. She wasn`t wearing any such gown, nor was their a little girl there when these photos were taken.


Black Apparition believed to be Chloe

Close up 

Woman wearing turbin on porch   


Gown & little girl

December 2009

Photos taken by David Liles & his team.

David said, "These were taken by our team at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francesville, this room is reportedly a place where there are portal openings, where a lot of spirits manifest before they roam the house. There was no light sources available, due to the last tour and gone through and they had shut down for the night, no one is allowed in these rooms so there was no way to stir up any dust particles or other natural materials, these were taken through the door which was opened a little, we did not go in the room due to it being closed for the night.

notice the chandelier is lit up, in the picture before, it is clearly turned off. Dimensional overlap was occurring as the spirits were entering our plane of existence for the nightly haunts through the house. "



This photo was taken by a visitor on Halloween night 2008

Only name we have of picture taker is Blane.





Looking at this photo it is clear that this girl apparition in the mirror seems to be sitting down, yet the mirror is probably five or six feet high.

Update December 15, 2012.

ABC Reporter Catches Ghost On Video. Vanessa Bolano, who works for the ABC affiliate WGNO in Matairie, Louisiana was doing a report this week at the historic Myrtle's Plantation in St Francisville for a story about haunted happenings. But as she looked over the video of her report in the edit room later, she noticed something strange.

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