Orbs. What do they mean.

Orbs..... What Do They Mean?

There has been a lot of controversy over what Orbs are true paranormal and what are not. Let me say that extensive study has been done in the Fuji Film Laboratory about this phenomenon. Test results have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that most orbs caught on camera are nothing more than the flash reflecting off of dust particles in the air.
In fact probably 99% of all orbs caught on film are nothing paranormal at all. I constantly see paranormal TV shows exploiting the whole orb issue. Probably half of the orbs seen on these shows are NOT spirit energy.
99% of the orb photos out there are either dust, moisture, humidity, insects, or camera error.

Here are some photos and a video to help you make a comparison. Some of the photos/videos are my own, and some are not.

Pollen Orbs
Pollen Orbs will resemble the yellow color of pollen.



Spirit Orbs
True spirit orbs will have some substance and solidity to them. Often appearing in greenish blue colors, but some will appear as a solid white.

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