Ouija...Is it A Game?

Ouija, Is It A Game?
The Ouija Board, also known as The Talking Board.




The Ouija board dates back to the mid 1800`s & has become a novelty among many people over the years. Ouija was first introduced by a man name William Huld, but legend has it that he actually stole the invention from his employer in 1902.

In the early 1960`s the Huld estate sold the rights to the Parker Brothers toy company & Parker Brothers has held the patent ever since. There are several versions of it manufactured by other companies, but because Parker Brothers owns the "Ouija" name, other companies call it "The Talking Board". The name Ouija comes from the French word "Oui" meaning "Yes", & from the German word "Ja" also meaning "Yes". Some people pronounce it "wee-gee" & some "wee-jah".

The board comes with a planchette, you & a group of people lightly rest your fingers on it & ask questions. Usually within minutes the planchette moves over letters & numbers printed on the board & answers those questions.

Some people (i.e. Christians) say that it`s the devil`s playground, claiming that Satan poses as a knowledgeable friendly spirit & once you`ve gained his trust, you become addicted & Satan then takes control of you in the form of possessions & hauntings.

Psychologists insist that when using this famous board, it`s actually your sub-conscious mind controlling the movement of the planchette & in their opinion it is harmless. Skeptics claim it`s a parlor trick & one of the people in the group is actually moving the planchette hoping to fool the others.

There is countless testimony by many people that have used the board, of hauntings, hearing voices, & even vicious physical attacks by some unknown entities. Many metaphysical practitioners insist that it is a viable way to communicate with spirits from another plane & is no different than a seance. They say the victims of negative results of the board happen because many people don`t use it correctly.

I personally have experimented with the Ouija & this is my belief on the subject.


I believe it is a way of communicating with spirits from other planes of existence. I`m very unhappy by the fact that these toy manufacturers market it as a "game"! They need to give complete instructions with the board, including how to use it safely & what not to do!! It is my opinion that these boards do cause hauntings & possessions because many people don`t know the do`s & don't`s.

MY ADVICE: Before using the board, cast a circle of sea salt & all people participating must sit in the circle. Perform what most witches call a banishing ritual that will banish evil entities from crossing the circle. Do a blessing & protective ritual that will do just that, bless you & protect you. If you find the planchette moving, it`s ok to ask serious questions, do not offend the entity or disrespect it.

NEVER ask an entity to show you a sign that it is there. Usually the spirits that you are communicating with are what is called "low level" spirits. There are several astral planes out there & these spirits are usually on the lower planes & often are misguided victims of murder & torture. They are bound to these lower planes because they either choose not to, or don`t understand that they must move on to other planes of existence. Asking a spirit to show itself or give you a sign is a common mistake that leads to possessions & hauntings.

When you`ve completed the communication, ALWAYS do a banishing ritual to close the portal & send the spirit back where it came from.

Again, in my personal opinion & experience THE OUIJA BOARD IS NOT A TOY NOR GAME!!!!!

Blessed be,

Ouija Warning!

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