Ouija Warning!

Ouija Warning!


As mentioned in "Ouija Is It A Game?", I expressed my belief that it is in fact not a game. My experience & the experiences of others that have experimented with it strongly insist that it is a very real device for communicating with spirits.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the Ouija Board has been known to cause possessions & hauntings & certainly should not be taken lightly. Many people that were skeptical of this device have "played" with it & later wished that they hadn`t. There are countless testimonies of ill & negative experiences with this board. In fact for every positive experience there are ten negative experiences. My research estimates that 90% of all encounters with this board by inexperienced users are bad ones.

Let me go into some more detail of why this is. As I said before most of the spirits encountered through this form of communication are low level spirits that usually died after a life of tragedy or torture. As we know, in life there are many misguided people here on the physical plane. Although Christians deny this, most metaphysical practitioners all believe that when you die, your spirit has many choices. You don`t just go to "heaven" or "hell".

When your spirit leaves your physical body it can go into the light, which you then graduate to either reincarnation, or moving on to a higher position, such as being a guardian angel. Those that choose not to go into the light usually remain in what is known as the lower astral planes. They are often referred to as earthbound spirits, because that`s what they seem to do, they stay near the physical plane on earth. Some do this because they were murdered or tortured & feel the need to stay near the earthly plane hoping to bring their tragic story to light & either get revenge against the person that inflicted this harm or get them caught by communicating with people on earth that can translate their story. Some spirits stick around to protect loved ones, or direct loved ones to something they had left behind (money, valuable possessions).

Some people that are misguided here on earth will often continue to be misguided in the after life & choose to stick to these lower planes of existence & can be just as confused, or even malevolent as they were on earth. That`s why most of the time when you use a Ouija Board or have a seance you often summon negative entities, instead of positive ones. These negative spirits can haunt you & your home, they can appear in your dreams, & even possess your body. They can even follow you home if you played with the Ouija at a friend`s house.

Many people make a very big mistake by asking the spirit to prove that it`s really there by moving an object in the room etc. This is probably the biggest mistake a person can make, because when you do that, you have opened the doorway or portal & allowed that spirit into your world. Once you`ve done that this entity can & often will wreak havoc in your life. Another common mistake is disrespecting or doubting the spirit`s ability. Yes you can make a spirit angry & they can make you wish that you hadn`t!

The Ouija is a powerful tool & should only be used by people that are strong willed & know how to use one. My sincere advice to most people is "DON`T PLAY WITH THINGS YOU DON`T UNDERSTAND!". Even some of the more experienced occultist have managed to conjure up things that they later wish they hadn`t.

I felt the need to write this page to warn those of you that are ignorant of the facts in the spirit world. Why? Because I don`t want to see anyone become a victim of hauntings or experience unfortunate consequences.

Love & blessed be,

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