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Cullman, Alabama.
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Blair Jett
Case Manager


Blair founded this website in 2006 and the Paranormal Research Alliance in 2010. He is an Ordained Minister/Counselor with The Universal Life Church Monastery, and has been training in Lightwork. Lightwork includes cleansings and exorcisms.

Michael Parker

A husband and father,
Mike has a history in understanding and exercising the art of Dowsing Rods and Pendulums. Having Native American blood in his veins, he also practices smudging. He and his skills are an asset to the PRA and is advancing his training in Paranormal Investigation. 


Chan Greer
Equipment Tech

Chan is another of the most recent recruits here at the PRA, but he`s no stranger to paranormal activity. Having previously lived in a haunted house is what peaked his interest in becoming an investigator. He is a member of the U.S. Army, having completed two tours of Iraq and one tour of Afghanistan, he was also awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in action.
Chan intends to study all facets of the paranormal field.

Flavia Williams

Evidence Review


A native of Alabama, mother, and full time employed, Flavia is a vital part of our team. She is an experienced Investigator, Researcher, and volunteers her time into all aspects of our team functions.

Fred Arceneaux
Investigator In Training

Frederick J Arceneaux (Fred) first became interested in the paranormal/supernatural fifty years ago when at the age of fourteen he had an unexpected experience with an unseen force that altered his life. Fred hosted an eight part series for The Global Talk Radio Network, titled "Books on the Supernatural". He is the published author of five books. The most recent three are plausible supernatural thriller novels. His best skills are identifying true from imagined paranormal feelings or experiences. If there is a logical explanation he will uncover it. Should there not be one than he explores the paranormal. 

About Us

The Paranormal Research Alliance is a group of dedicated individuals based in Cullman, Alabama & the surrounding region who volunteer their time for the scientific investigation of paranormal anomalies.

Although we do not charge for our services, we will gladly accept donations.

You can make a donation here

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The purpose of the Paranormal Research Alliance is not only to perform investigations for clients, but is also to hold certain experiments and research as a community function, and also as a networking hub to all investigators and paranormal societies. The PRA get`s many calls asking for support across the nation and we`re happy to help put those clients in touch with researchers and teams in their area.

80% of all paranormal claims can often be logically explained and are not of a paranormal nature at all. Please be aware that we do not jump to conclusions, and if we conduct an investigation for you, we may or may not find that you are experiencing paranormal phenomena.

We employ the use of scientific equipment & common sense investigative techniques to find a logical explanation for what may be troubling you and provide you with a logical solution.

After careful examination if we are unable to find a logical explanation, then and only then, will we begin to consider that you may be experiencing something of a paranormal nature.

Some tools we use are

Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMF Meter)

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Video

Digital & analog voice recorders

Digital (and sometimes) analog still photography

just to name a few

Although we do rely on personal experiences & the occasional support from psychically sensitive individuals, we generally tend to stay more towards the scientific aspect of investigating. Psychics & personal experiences have their advantages too, but we strive to document all evidence in a scientific manner.

We are a non profit organization based in Cullman, Alabama. Many of us work full time jobs outside of the paranormal investigation field. So if you are located more than 100 miles from us, we may require that you at least help cover some of our cost to make the trip to assist you. If it`s too far out of our area, we`ll refer you to a group in your area.

The Paranormal Research Alliance is a project in the making since as far back as early 2009, and became an official functioning organization less than a year later.

Although the group itself is new, it`s founder, Blair Jett is no stranger to paranormal research. This website GhostHauntings.Org was launched on June 1, 2006 and Blair has spent years studying ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and demons.

He is now instilling those years of education into a select group of investigators, employing strict guidelines & policies.

For many years now the field of paranormal study has been considered by some to be nothing more than a pseudo-science, thanks in part by a large number of paranormal societies popping up in recent years that simply do not take this profession seriously & lose interest after realizing that paranormal investigation is a lot of intense work & not the non stop excitement that they see portrayed on many "ghost hunter" like shows we see on television.

Most of these organizations do not withstand the test of time and disappear after only a short time. Those left standing, the true organizations, will continue to use scientific procedures & are determined to dispel the pseudo science into a true & logical science.

Why Choose Us?

It`s safe to say that since GhostHauntings.Org has been around since June of 2006, that the site & it`s founder are NOT one of these "fly by night" or "here today, gone tomorrow" organizations.

Many of these other organizations do not even have a legitimate way of contacting them. Most only have an email contact & even worse, wont even reply when someone sends them an email requesting assistance.


It`s this type of bad business practice that gives the true Paranormal Societies a bad name!

Plus, let`s not forget that when most people contact a paranormal society for help they have (in most cases) experienced something traumatic, they are scared, and need help NOW!

Under these circumstances, it`s downright cruel to make a potential client have to wait for such answers, or even worse, not answer them at all.

The Paranormal Research Alliance not only has an email contact, but we also have a telephone number you can reach us at.

If you don`t reach a live person when calling, please leave a message and include your number so that we can call you back. We guarantee that you will hear back from us promptly within 24 hours or less.

What To Expect When Contacting Us For Help

First & foremost - All investigations are conducted as discreetly as possible. Your privacy is our primary concern and we will never disclose any information, details, nor publish any audio & video results of an investigation without your written consent.

Interview process - All investigations are much like a criminal investigation in which we cannot afford to leave any stone unturned. Be prepared to answer questions, sometimes over & over.

We`ll need to question all witnesses that may have observed the phenomena that you are reporting. The interview process alone could last as long as 2 hours or more.

Preliminary Investigation - Whenever possible we will want to conduct a preliminary examination of the area in question. This will be necessary for safety purposes & so that we can decide our best plan of approach & placement of any equipment. We prefer to hold the prelim in normal daylight whenever possible.

Main Investigation - This is the most important part of the process & may last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours...or more. Due to the fact that there is more ectoplasm in the air at night & the atmosphere is quieter during darkness which is said to increase paranormal activity, we prefer to hold the main investigation at night. Usually within a window of 9 P.M. to 6 A.M. History has shown that for best results, an investigation can last weeks and possibly even months. Of course we want to be as least invasive as possible, so we`ll try & accomplish this in 10 hours or less. But keep in mind that ghosts & paranormal activity do not always occur on demand or by request, and the possibility exists that your situation might require more than one night of investigation.

If the investigation is taking place in your home, we understand that it is YOUR home and you have the right to be there at all times.


Please understand that an investigation is a very strenuous operation that requires our utmost sincere attention. So we ask that you please do not invite all your friends & family over to "meet the ghost hunters".

We want to give you the best service as humanly possible, so we must be able to concentrate & see that the investigation does not become contaminated.

Examination Of Evidence - After we conclude the investigation & pack up our equipment, we`ll take all of the evidence collected back to our home base & examine it. This may take anywhere from several days to three weeks depending on the amount of evidence gathered. In most cases we`ll have 10 or 20 hours of audio & video to examine and this takes time. Sometimes we need to run this evidence through audio processing equipment and this takes even more time. So please be patient & know that we`ll try and complete this as quickly as possible.

Solution - The final & possibly most important aspect is to try and resolve your problem. Whether we conclude that you`re truly experiencing paranormal activity or not, the final stage will be to help you feel comfortable in your atmosphere again.

If it`s not of a ghostly nature, we`ll offer you advice on how to resolve it. If it is of a ghostly nature, we`ll discuss your options, whether it`s cleansing, exorcisms, or no action at all.

You can contact us by

Telephone toll free from anywhere in the USA & Canada



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