Photos vs Human Vision

Photographs & Human Vision


The debate over real or fake has been an endless controversy over the years & the photos you see on this page will shed some light on this subject. It is common knowledge that human senses only see & hear things within certain wavelengths, but there are sights & sounds out there that do exist, but are outside of the range of most human`s perception. Animals have a wider range in which they see & hear things & this is why you will often see a dog acting strange, or barking at nothing. The animal sees it, but more than likely you can`t. 

Cameras & tape recorders often detect things that humans cannot, because they too have the ability to detect sights & sounds that are out of the human wavelenth.

Here`s a perfect example


This photo was taken of radio towers near Las Vegas, Nevada. At first glance you may tell yourself this is just a normal picture, but if you examine this photo closer you will see wave-like images in the sky around the towers. This is not a defect, what you`re seeing is the actual radio frequency waves that are being transmitted by the high power antennas. Normally, this is not visible to humans because it is out of our visual frequency, but the camera did pick it up. The photo below is the actual picture & the photo above is a close up.


So let`s ask ourselves "Just because we can`t see it, is it really there?"... Of course it is! Look at your microwave oven, you can`t see the radio waves but they are obviously there, or your food would not be hot. So is it possible that all of these ghosts and unexplained images that show up in our pictures really there?.. Of course it is. It`s there, but we can`t see it because it`s out of our range.



 It`s also very important not to jump to conclusions & eliminate all logical explanations whenever you see something that strikes you as out of the ordinary.

Here`s an example


When first looking at this photo you may think "Oh my god, there`s a face in this couch!!". But is it really there or is this an illusion? I must admit that this image is quite eerie, but I would be inclined to say that maybe this is an illusion. After all it is a proven fact that the human brain is programmed to pick out faces from inanimate objects, but that doesn`t necessarily mean that all faces we see are illusions.



Here`s another example


Orbs are showing up in photos all the time. Many believe that orbs are spirits that do not possess enough energy to form as a full apparition & orbs are often present with spiritual activity. But, I would say that probably 90% or more of orb photos are nothing more than a malfunction. In the above photo you see orbs everywhere, but it`s not spiritual activity. These are dust particles in the air that the camera flash is reflecting on. 

Digital cameras under 5 mega pixels are notorious for capturing orbs. It`s usually the flash reflecting off of dust particles or insects. Fuji Film manufacturer has conducted extensive research into the matter & their findings reveal that most orbs from digital photos are caused by low lighting conditions in which the camera is unable to properly adjust.


Here is more proof that cameras see things that we humans can`t. The photos below were taken by a police officer while investigating a burglar alarm at a pizza take out store at 2 a.m.
The photo of the monitor clearly shows a dark shadow person sitting inside the closed business, but the photo below of the exact spot where this shadow person is sitting shows nothing. The police officer could see the image in the security monitor, but not with the naked eye & that`s what possessed him to take these photos.

The ultimate question here is... Why did the security camera pick up the image, but this photo did not? Maybe we still have more to learn, especially since ghost hunting & detection is not an exact science.
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