Shanley Hotel Ghost Cat

Shanley Hotel Ghost Cat

A Paranormal investigator captured some compelling footage at a hotel in New York earlier this year. He believes he may have captured the ghost of a cat.

On January 15, 2013, paranormal investigator Stephen Barcelo went to Napanoch, New York to explore the Shanley Hotel. Barcelo was determined to gather evidence of the hotel's ghosts, so he set up cameras in various rooms of the alleged haunted hotel.

In one of the clips from Barcelo's footage, a ghostly figure seems to pass by a doorway at the end of a long hall. A closer look at the video and what appears to be a tail wagging back and forth is seen as an apparition of an animal enters one of the rooms on the third floor.

Shanley Hotel owner, Sal Nicosia believes that the figure could be the ghost of a cat that he once had that lived in the hotel. Nicosia also said that he picked up an EVP one night of a ghost named Claire saying that it was her cat.

"I had a cat close to 14 years and when I lived in the other house I would let the cat out and the cat would come back every day. When we moved into the hotel, the cat refused to go out. I couldn't get the cat to come into my apartment. For some reason the cat wouldn't come into that room. I would bring her into the room and she'd run right out the door so I started feeding her in the hallway," Nicosia said.

According to Nicosia, the third floor seems to be the most active with paranormal phenomena in the hotel. Suite 13 is the room where the footage was captured.

"The cat was roaming the building and after awhile she would start going up to the third floor and she would come down to the second floor and go back to the third floor. Then after a few months she refused to come down from the third floor. She stayed in Claire's room," Nicosia said about his cat.

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