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GhostHauntings.Org and the Paranormal Research Alliance is a Not For Profit Organization that has been serving the public and supporting our clients for years.
All of our services we provide to you are absolutely free of charge and we will never ask our clients for any payment or compensation.
However, what we do does cost money and we will gladly accept donations.

Upkeep and maintenance of this website
Upkeep of our toll free number
Maintenance of equipment
Replacement of aging equipment
Dispatching our team to locations to assist clients

All of the above costs money.

As an example, when a client calls us for assistance, usually can cost as much as $50 before we even get out the door to respond to assistance calls.
Little things like
Memory chips and video

Adds up quickly.

Presently at this moment we are in need of replacing and updating some of our equipment that can easily run as high as $2,000.
You can help offset these costs by making a donation today.
All donations no matter how small will be graciously accepted.

Your support will assure that we can continue to provide the top level of service that we are so well known for, as a free service to all clients.
Our team of volunteers dedicate their time to provide quality support and restore peace and harmony to our clients.
If you appreciate what we do, this is your opportunity to support us.
You can make a donation using our trusted PayPal secure account here.

No donation will ever be turned down.

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