Three Men, Baby, & Ghost

Three Men, A Baby, & A Ghost?

In 1987 the motion picture Three Men And A Baby, directed by Leonard Nimoy was well received at the box office. However, the film of a character played by Ted Danson raising a new born baby generated an even bigger buzz when it was released on home video when rumors spread that a ghost had been captured on the film.

According to the rumors, a teenage boy had previously committed suicide with a rifle in the house located at 66th & Central Park West in New York city that was used in the movie.

About halfway into the movie Ted Danson`s character & his mother were engaged in conversation while walking through the house. In one scene you can see what appears to be a rifle leaning against the wall by a window. Moments later as the characters walk back by the window, you see a grainy image of a teenage boy standing right where the rifle was

According to the executive in charge of production Jason Heffner, there is no ghost & he has what he believes to be a logical explanation. Only the exterior of the house was used in the movie & the interior was actually shot on a sound stage in Toronto Canada. A life size cardboard cutout of Danson was used in the movie because according to the story, Danson`s character had once starred in a film. Heffner says that during production the cutout was constantly getting in the way & they had to keep moving it. He said someone must have inadvertently leaned the cutout against the window prior to that scene being shot. The cutout is wearing a top hat, black pants, & a white tuxedo shirt with a white bow tie. Heffner said the so called gun is actually a pant leg of the cutout & the rest of the figure is hidden behind the curtain.

I have looked at this photo & the curtains that are supposedly covering up the cutout are transparent, & I don`t see any figure behind them. Look at the photos & judge for yourself. Incidentally, the rumors of the teenage boy committing suicide have never been substantiated.


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