When Ghosts Attack FRAUD

When Ghosts Attack

Blair Jett
November 8, 2013

Episode Title: Wicked Warriors
Episode :3 of season 1.
Air Date: Sunday, November 3, 2013

This official page on behalf of Blair Jett, Paranormal Research Alliance, GhostHaunrings.Org, Tonya Carter, and Chan Greer, is our position on an episode of When Ghosts Attack that featured our story from Cullman, Alabama, on their November 3, 2013 episode. This story was a true story that our team here at the Paranormal Research Alliance investigated in 2010, but as we`ll show in this article, the producers completely butchered the official story and created their own fictional story using only clips from our real story. The episode in question is

"Wicked Warriors".

When Ghosts Attack
is a new show developed by
Sirens Media
8505 Fenton Street.
Suite 206
Silver Spring, Maryland.
Phone (301)-920-9880

Shooting for the series began in July 2013 and the weekly series debuted on the Destination America Channel on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central/10 PM Pacific. They shot a total of eight episodes for the first season.

Our Analogy Of This Segment

I was first contacted by members of Sirens Media in June of 2013 by Caitlin Henley, shortly after I came in contact with a representative scouting out true ghost stories. It was this Rep that put me in contact with Caitlin. When I spoke with Ms. Hensley she explained that they were looking for real events of a ghostly nature in which victims were being attacked, for a new series they were producing for Destination America called When Ghosts Attack.
As it so should turn out, I actually did investigate a case once where my clients were being attacked. So I thought well hey you know, why not share this story with them for the show. As long as they tell the truth and don`t fictionalize anything, what could possibly go wrong?

First off let me say that the paranormal community seems to be divided on the subject of Demonic activity. Half of the investigators do believe in Demons, and the other half seem to laugh at the mere mention of them. But I have many investigations under my belt, and I can say that I have run into negative entities, and in the case of this story, all the evidence pointed out that this was something of a demonic nature.

This was a true story where our clients were being attacked in their home. It took us three weeks to finally identify with what we were dealing with, and all evidence indicated demonic entity.
The good news is that we were finally successful in removing these entities from the location. It took a lot of hard work though. First, I conducted a cleansing of the residence to remove the one (possibly two) true ghosts at the location.

This did not stop the activity however.

So after careful examination, we returned to the clients home and we reached the decision that we needed to remove anything of a demonic or dark nature.
So we did the routine,
 but again,
 that didn`t stop the activity.

 In fact after the second sessions, the activity stepped up to the point that it began attacking our clients. After even more careful examination
we determined that my cleansing did remove the ghosts, and the second cleansing successfully removed the Demons,
 There was a dark portal at this location and so when I would remove the Demons, a new one would just come through the portal to take the places of the expelled ones.
  I performed a third clearing to close the portal just as I was trained. This time it was a success.
All the activity at this location had completely stopped.

So as unfortunate as it seemed, this story actually had a positive outcome, and I thought would be a good story to share. It`s true, and it shows how dedicated we as Paranormal Investigators can be to go to great lengths and try and resolve the troubles of our clients.  Even more, it proves that with serious dedication, you can alleviate a haunting.

It is a great story!

So I pitched our story to the folks at Sirens Media.
Myself, Chan, and Tonya, spent several hours on camera relating this true story and explaining the events and exactly how they unfolded.
We basically related the real facts of the case.
Basically the timeline went like this:

True Timeline Of The Story

1. Chan contacted us at the Paranormal Research Alliance in September 2010, reporting activity in his home.
2. We performed an investigation that month in which we caught EVP`s (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and poltergeist like activity, and we performed a clearing to help the trapped souls move on.
3. As the activity continued, we returned to the location a second time and performed a clearing designed to remove negative entities and dark energy accumulated.
4. Unfortunately the activity still continued and even escalated, resorting to physical attacks to our clients.
5. We returned a third time and conducted the necessary procedure to close any portals and remove any remaining dark energy.
6. The activity completely stopped.
7. Counseling and removing any negative energy from the location and it`s occupants was the final procedure.
By December 2010, all was well. All activity ceased.

How The Television Show manipulated our story

First off, the television show didn`t even give the right date. According to the episode, this chain of events took place in December 2009, but in reality is all occurred between September and December of 2010. 
  1. A previous occupant had a two year old daughter that talked regularly with an "Imaginary Friend" in the home.
2. Chan returns home after being deployed in the U.S. Military, and starts noticing activity.
3. Chan saw what appeared like a hideous apparition of a face.
4. Tonya was pulled from her bed by an unseen entity.
5. Chan became possessed and drove to Tanya`s with some sort of evil intention.
6. Chan and Tonya moved out and have not reported any activity since.

Basically some of the activity portrayed in the television show is somewhat correct as far as symptoms our client was faced with, but they completely embellished those facts in an effort to make a great story on TV. When the three of us gave our story, we were under the understanding that the television show would report our story the same way as we told it.

But They Clearly Didn`t

They chopped our story into something ridiculous and unbelievable and glamorized it with fiction.
Myself, Chan, and Tonya spent the better part of about ten hours sitting in front of a camera telling our story, but all of my scenes were oddly not included.
In fact, the only time I appeared on this episode was my name in the closing credits. None of my footage was  used, and they used some of Chan and Tonya`s footage out of context, which gave them the ability to create a different story entirely from our original story. There wasn`t even any kind of mention of our paranormal team and our investigation, and they certainly left out all the facts of the case and how our team solved this haunting.

The story they aired on this episode was not a true account of how this story went down.
Not even close!
This dishonest portrayal of us and our story is like a complete slap in the face.
 At what point did these producers decide they were going to turn our true accounts into a fictitious story?

In a sense, imagine watching a play that has 20 acts to it. But they decided to condense those into about 10 acts, and the combination of acts used completely told an entirely different story than what really happened.

Our Position On This Segment

It is not a true story.

Our experience was real.
Our story is true and correct.
 But the story they portrayed in that episode isn`t our story.

We hereby condemn this episode and denounce it.
This is our official position on this subject.

I have always been a firm believer in integrity and telling the truth. I would never fake or sensationalize anything that would damage my reputation as an honest researcher. And so, since I am honest, I owe it to myself and everyone else that works in this field to denounce that episode as complete rubbish.
After seeing how they took a perfectly great true story and completely slaughtered it, I have to admit that I`m not very eager to work with any television producers any time soon.

In fact, I don`t think I will ever agree to do any type of television again, unless they are willing to report the story accurately and truthfully. It`s television shows like these that make a mockery of the real world of the paranormal by trying to feed the viewers with fictitious and unbelievable crap, and give us a bad name in the process.
Based on my personal experience with our episode,  This show is an insult to the paranormal community and I regret that I put my trust in people that clearly had an ulterior motive.

I doubt I will ever watch this series ever again.
It made a mockery of everything that myself, GhostHauntings.Org, and the Paranormal Research Alliance stands for.
It makes a mockery of my friends Chan and Tonya and portrayed these two decent people like some sort of freak show.
It makes a mockery of honest researchers and investigators and undermines the credibility of those of us that chose to work in this field.

Chan, Tonya, and myself have spoken since this episode aired. The three of us collectively agree that this episode is nonsense and we will not endorse it in any way, shape, or form.
We Denounce and Condemn that segment.

Furthermore, as a person working in the paranormal, I am embarrassed by this episode and regret doing it.

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