Whose Face In The Window

Whose Face In The Window?

This story & photo are hard to explain nor believe, because there isn`t a logical explanation for it. At least not that I can explain, anyway. Some have called this the Dopel Ganger effect. This photo has appeared on other paranormal websites & is quite intriguing, but I personally have my doubts about it. The Volkswagen Beetle with the gentleman standing next to it, once belonged to a woman named Stacey. Stacey was involved in a car accident in which the Beetle was smashed so bad that it was almost totaled. Stacey spent some time in the hospital after the accident, recovering from her injuries.

Stacey sold the smashed up car to a man who later contacted her to inform her that he restored the car. Stacey went to his house to see it & was so impressed that she took this picture of the car with the new owner standing next to it. After having the film developed, Stacey`s mom looked at the photo and asked Stacey "Why are you sitting in the other car?" She`s refering to the face in the back window of the dark blue car in front of the Beetle.

Stacey swears that this image in that car is hers, but she was the one taking the picture, so how can this be? Stacey took this photo into the developers & had this film examined by a professional photographer. Both agencies studied the negatives, prints, & the entire roll of film, to see if this could be a double exposure. Niether agency was able to find a logical explanation for this & could not attribute this to any processing glitch of any kind. One thing the developers did notice is the yellow stain underneath the Beetle. They asked her why the driveway has a yellow stain? Stacey insists there is no stain in the driveway, but what creeps her out is that the Beetle was yellow when she owned it.

As I said earlier, I have no logical explanation for this either, but I am a little suspicious, because the image in the car window looks like a man to me, not a woman. But in all fairness I do not know what Stacey looks like, so I `m only speculating here. I would say that not only does this image look like a man, but it looks an awful lot like the gentleman standing by the Beetle.

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