World Trade Center Noise

World Trade Center Making An Eerie Sound

December 5, 2013

On September 11, 2001, everyone watched in awe as America was brought to it`s knees by the worst terrorist attack in history. A memorial has been constructed at this location, often referred to as "Ground Zero"

A spooky, high-pitched whining sound coming from One World Trade Center has been giving New York residents the creeps. The strange choral sound, which appears to be caused by the wind, was first reported last year at around the time of Hurricane Sandy and has been heard several times since.

Local Tribecca resident Kenny Cummings even claims the strange howling noise is keeping  people awake at night.
"I first heard this very eerie sound during Hurricane Sandy last year,” Kenny Cummings told the Tribeca Citizen."At 3:15 Wednesday morning I awoke to the sound of "two tones" that went on for hours".

"I couldn’t be sure what it was at first, but after a moment I realized it was the Trade Center." "Outside it was raining but the trees were calm. I can only imagine at that height the weather is different. I’m sure all of downtown hears this. It’s unmistakable and very chilling."

The creepy sound reportedly first emerged during Super storm Sandy, which lashed the new building with strong winds and rain.

Construction workers say a face can be seen in this piece of metal from the original World Trade Center.

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